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Murielle Boucher Memorial Halo Award

Memorial Tribute and Award Recipient

Murielle Boucher Memorial Tribute:

Murielle Boucher was a Spiritual Author, Teacher & Counselor and Holistic Health & Nutritional Counselor.


Murielle and her company Teachings by Murielle was devoted to studying and understanding the deeper awareness of her descent here into this world in order to share all of her Knowledge with others. Her six books, including over 5 years of monthly articles for Spiritual Niagara Insights, help us focus inward to listen to the quiet whispers of Truth & Wisdom. She believed by allowing the silence within to become heard through the open Heart channel, which connects your Divine Self with your human self, we can fully activate the brain and awaken Powers from within, never experienced before. Our thanks to Murielle for sharing this knowledge her legacy lives on through her work.


2022 Recipient of the 2022 Spiritual Excellence Halo Award

Jay Lane

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