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The Halos
5th Annual Gala and Expo

October 2024!
(Event or award nominations will not be celebrated in 2023)

The Full Story

During a meditation, Founder and Host Amber Price, was provided insight to create an event that would connect spiritually-minded people together to collaborate and celebrate spiritual initiatives and successes. Time passed and insights continued, the vision started to take shape, within months The Halos 1st annual event was live.

The mission of The Halos was to gather spiritual professionals, expand awareness through thought-provoking presentations and interactive workshops, provide an authentic community for like-minded people, and celebrate the spiritual successes of individuals and/or groups.

The meditation revealed the name of the awards: The Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards. The elite Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards honour and acknowledge spiritual successes of individuals and groups that continue to make an impact in the spiritual industry. The Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards started with 10 categories, in 2022 two additional categories were added to honour the spiritual impact and memory of fellow spiritual professionals.

Launching The Halos in 2019 was the start of an epic journey, spiritual professionals and spiritual lovers alike, gathered to enjoy Featured Speakers, a Live Psychic Medium show, live musical entertainment, and Spiritual Excellence Halo Award presentations. In 2020 and 2021, The Halos were held virtually, to keep shining light during a time where physical gatherings were not possible. In 2022, The Halos were held in person and the first Halo Expo was hosted to offer participants a variety of spiritual and artisan services and products. Each year, The Halos attracts some of Canada’s most sought-after Spiritual and Holistic leaders and people who enjoy a spiritual or holistic lifestyle.

The Halos partnered with a variety of businesses and organizations to bring light to valuable spiritual and holistic resources, products, services, and wisdom.


My name is Amber Price

I am the Founder and Host of The Halos. I am inspired to provide a community where people can connect, collaborate, and celebrate a spiritually authentic lifestyle.

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